Introduction of Le-Kone Product

by About My Car Store on Oct 31, 2023

Introduction of Le-Kone Product

Le-kone's Door Handle Covers are available in a variety of colors to suit different car models and individual preferences. The main four colors typically offered for door handle covers are:

  1. Chrome: Chrome-finished door handle covers provide a sleek and shiny appearance, adding a touch of elegance to your car's exterior. This classic and timeless look complements a wide range of car colors and styles.

  2. Matte Black: Matte black door handle covers offer a more subtle and modern aesthetic. The non-reflective surface gives a sophisticated and understated appeal, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a sleek, stealthy look for their car.

  3. Gloss Black: Gloss black door handle covers offer a glossy and polished finish, creating a sophisticated and bold statement on your car's exterior. The reflective surface adds depth and character to your vehicle, making it stand out with a modern and premium look.

  4. Kevlar: Kevlar finish has gained popularity for its rugged and adventurous appearance. Inspired by the durable material used in high-performance applications, Kevlar door handle covers offer a unique texture and pattern that exudes strength and resilience, making your car look ready for any journey.

With these four color options, Le-kone's Door Handle Covers cater to various preferences and car styles. Whether you prefer the classic chrome finish, the modern and bold gloss black look, or the adventurous and robust Kevlar design, Le-kone ensures that your car's exterior reflects your individual style and personality.
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